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Egypt, Libya

Algeria, Morocco & Tunisia


CEDARE signs project agreement with African Water Facility for a “Regional Program for Monitoring & Evaluation of the MDGs & the Water Sector in North Africa”

An Enhanced capacity of Project Stakeholders in assessing water sector M&E
An assessment report on the state of existing water sector M&E system, through the effective implementation of the water sector M&E
A sub regional Water Sector M&E system and mechanism in place which allows North African countries and N-AMCOW to monitor and report on the status of the water sector through standardized data and harmonized information
A Regional M&E Action Plan developed and financial resources mobilized for its implementation through partnerships.
With a budget of about 1.9 million Euros, the project is divided into 4 components including:
COMPONENT 1:  Assessment of existing M&E Systems
COMPONENT II: Standardizing and harmonizing National and N-AMCOW M&E systems and reporting
COMPONENT III:  Preparing a North African M&E Action Plan and Program
COMPONENT IV:  Project Management
The project is expected to establish national units for Water Monitoring & Evaluation within the main ministry in-charge of water at the national level in the 6 North African countries.  Coordinated at the national level by a national focal point, the national units will work with a national task force consisting of representatives from the main water-related ministries and authorities at the national level.  The project will provide these national units with the necessary equipment, and will develop national capacities for better harmonization, standardization, and sharing of water related information.  With North Africa being the first sub-region in Africa to start the M&E Water program under AMCOW, the expected harmonized Water M&E system at the North African sub-regional level, will eventually be replicated and implemented at the Pan-African level.

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