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Africa sets Water Targets for commitment at the 6th World Water Forum

Dr. Khaled AbuZeid, CEDARE Water Program Manager, and officer in charge of North African Ministers Council On Water (N-AMCOW) secretariat participated in the multi-stakeholder committee meeting held in Cape Town, March 21, 2011,to formulate Africa's Targets to be presented at the 6th World Water Forum.  Nine African Water Targets were formulated as follows:

1.    Create fully functional water divisions within RECs / AMCOW sub-regional Secretariats/organizations supported by resource pools by 2015.
2.    Develop and implement in all countries innovative financial mechanisms including (3Ts) taxes, tariffs, and transfers to meet the MDGs Financial requirements by 2015.
3.    Establish five sub regional and ten national Centres /networks of Excellence by 2015.
4.    Develop harmonized national, basin and regional knowledge management and water information mechanisms to support a harmonized methodology of M & E for the water sector in Africa and a pan-Africa state of the water report by 2015.
5.    Develop youth and water strategy by 2012 and AMCOW Gender Strategy implemented in all countries by 2015.
6.    Integrate water security and climate resilience into country national development plans, and African Water sector representation in the negotiation on climate change starting by COP 18 to ensure access to incremental funding by 2015.
7.    Conduct regional dialogues on the 1997 UN Convention on international water courses and the UN Convention on Trans-boundary aquifers, and compile points of agreement and objections for wider consensus by 2015.
8.    Develop and implement sanitation and water plans to bring back on track the neglected areas including post conflict countries, informal settlements and slums, rural communities, and small towns by 2015.
9.    Undertake legal and institutional reforms to ensure accountability, participatory, efficient and sustainable WSS and WRM at national (2015) and basin (2025) levels.

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